Diabolik Lovers: More Blood review

So I was gonna review Haunted Dark Bridal first for continuities sake but F*** continuity.

Mainly because I am currently trying out More Blood and have a very love/hate relationship with it at the moment.

For those of you who have not played HDB or any Dialovers games. This is a reverse harem otome for girls.

For anyone out there that’s played Catherine, it’s like that. (Well, Catherine is like Alice in Wonderland tripping balls as a demon and you get to nail Alice at the end. By Alice I mean Catherine…Wait, start over.)

Basically it’s a dating sim for girls, kinda, (not that I condone any of these behaviours in rl. You would frankly have to be a huge POS to do something like this to a girl. Like, bigger than all the shits in the shit museum in Japan. Also you would be an asshole. Which would be fitting considering all the shit.)

Enter our blood bank heroine from the last game, Yui Komori, Who has settled in nicely with that demon heart of hers and boy band bishies.

Now that you have an idea of the game, ikuzo!


Let’s start with Reiji (my baby!) since I started him first.

I loved him in the first game and he got quite a lot of hate from other gamers which I found ridiculous. I mean, it’s a ravishment fantasy game. Why would you think there WOULD’NT be someone with a whip?? Besides I would gladly take that over getting STABBED WITH A FORK. (Kanato. You prick.) So, from all the hate I can only assume that’s why they took out the whipping.

Rage-y, has now become Tame-y. Frankly, I got so annoyed at Tame-y that I rage quit halfway through Dark route.


I then went to Laito thinking maybe this will be more interesting and boy howdy did they make him interesting. (You freaking pervert.) I was annoyed at the entire route, mainly because it was him trying to get the other brothers involved while fapping quietly in the corner. huehuehue. That’ll learn her. Thankfully he didn’t get far because even his brothers find him bloody creepy.

I choose Do S and Do M choices so of course, got the Brute end where HE TEARS HER F***ING HEART OUT.

Between the Mommy issues (Yes, Cordelia is back in the flashback scenes. Cordelia, you goddamned whore.) and his NTR B.S I was done with the Sakamaki’s for awhile, so I decided to switch to Mukami Kou-kun.


Kou needs to die in a fire. I am biased because, again, Brute ending. (I literally can’t stop being murdered by this game.)

He seemed sweet at first for a guy that constantly calls you M-Neko chan.

Then the maniac route is when shit really starts to hit the fan and you’re basically just a toy. Kou is a ham-fisted douche-canoe that can sod off and die twice for all I care.

I feel for Kou, I really DID. He had a shitty past and was basically a man-whore and when he stabbed his eye out and told his pimp: “Whelp, Guess I’m not do-able now.”

His pimp pulled a Genghis Khan and was all: “OMFG more places to stick it into!” and gave him more work.

Then Kou has to go and f*ck up that sympathy I had for him by accidentally KILLING Yui in the dungeon.

Karl Heinz appears out of nowhere and was like: “I’ll bring her back if you give me your eyes and don’t worry about my huge plan for Adam and Eve. We don’t want to do something like have CONTINUITY or anything. ¯\_()_/¯ Then she stumbles off in the sunset with blind Kou and they live happily and what I can only assume to be; murder free. I only say that because he can’t SEE her now to torture her.

Goddamn it Rejet.

I had a thought to go to Kanato after this as he had his sweet moments in the last game but then was like, nope. He can eat a bag of dicks. (Wait that’s what Yui does, No, Cordelia? Either?) Where was I? Oh right, STABBED WITH A SODDING FORK. I’m slightly bitter about that.

So after Kou I decided to try another Sakamaki route and went for my TSUN-baru. AH! He’s so f*cking cute!


He rages more in this game but most everyone does because the Sakamaki brothers are potential Adams so anyone that sucks her blood starts to really crave it and goes haywire.

At least my Tsundere didn’t take it out on Yui like the others did.

I got Heaven ending and at one point Subaru beats the ever loving shit out of Kou which made me VERY happy. (Insert diabolikal (ha.) laughter here.) After getting the brute end with Kou it felt very nice to know he got a beat down by my Tsun-nami of cuteness.

So far he is the best ending but likely because I got the Vampire ending where he wants to marry Yui in what is quite possibly the most awkward proposal evah. OMFG!!! -dies of cuteness-


Being quite happy with myself after that I thought I would risk another run with the Mukami’s, so I choose Ruki because he reminded me of Reiji when he was well, Rage-y.

Oh.My.God. dat hawt voice. Takahiro Sakurai you sexy bastard! Even the ichaicha sounds made me blush.

He also doesn’t sound like he’s drooling all over you like Subaru-kun. (Rejet. Why you make him change his voice from HDB???)

Everything was going peachy-sweaty-keen (*winks) with Ruki who I admittedly, wholeheartedly fell for until, you guessed it, I got the damned Brute end. (Why do I do this to myself?

()ノ ┻━┻))

Basically after Ayato-kun kidnaps you and sets the Mukami house on FIAA Ruki shows up awhile later and was all: “Whelp. I tried. I love you but it’s too HAAAARRRD. Go to the Sakamaki’s” LOL um, Okay.

Then a few days later he comes back and MURDERS ALL SIX BROTHERS IN THEIR SLEEP and keeps Yui as a pet in the dungeon because why not?

So Karl finally does something and I think to myself: Oh Thank you Jesus, she’s saved. Then he SETS THE FUCKING DUNGEON ON FIAA. Because reasons.

At this point I threw my headphones.

It’s so funny it was one in the morning or so by the time I was done this route and the entire route I was like howcanIsleepwhenyou’rebeingsosexy??? and then I went to bed pissed off at a game character and couldn’t sleep until like two because goddamnitRukiwhyyoudodis? I stayed up too late gaming.

So far, this is all the routes I’ve done, I will do another post about the rest of the routes when I finish the game.

Not sure if I will add all endings. (My poor Japanese likely can’t translate that much tbh.) I am likely to do Shu (do. ha. That IS what she said.) next simply because I am tired of being killed and disappointed in every freaking route so I think Shu will be a safe bet.

In Conclusion (so far), I love the game. I love playing the game and I would highly recommend starting with maybe Ruki so you start with a less shitty taste your mouth and end with Subaru so the first half of the game won’t feel like it all just turned to suck.

Only if you mostly rely on english translations like I do because you’re Japanese may be either terrible or non-existent.

Toreishi Noblesse.


4 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers: More Blood review

  1. DiaLov sounds like such a huge train wreck ಠ_ಠ I haven’t decided if I should play considering how much abuse it has (¬_¬)ノ
    I did hear good things about Subaru and Kanato though (*^▽^*)


      1. But he’s a shota and cute! /bricked I’m pretty biased towards shotas, they’re adorable. Aah, I don’t know. The game has difficult themes and the abuse, good lord. I think I’d like to try it once I improve. Maybe after I reach N3 or N2 /is on N4 right now in Memrise
        He sounds like the best, like he’s in the wrong game! (#^.^#)


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