Dialovers: More Blood

Moving on from the last review, I decided to finish DL More Blood (now to find Vandead Carnival for PSP). I started with Yuma’s route because I thought as a giant loud gorilla I will probably need Shuu’s route to cleanse my palate later.


Jeebus. Kou is a deredere cupcake compared to Yuma. The most frustrating part about this whole route is Yuma had some of the cutest moments, Like, when he would feed her food from his garden (He had a garden! So sweet). Or when he would help her grow flowers in the garden.

Actually by that point in the game replace the word “garden” with “windowsill” and “helped” with “they-were-no-longer-in-the-garden-because-he-stomped-them-but-not-before-punching-her-in-the-F**king-face.”

I got brute end (obvs) Which made me think: “Wow! No wonder he got her to help in the vegetable garden! It was training!”

So, After flipping the table and calming down a bit I decided to finish Reiji/Rage-y/Tame-y’s route because I love torturing myself with things like translating one sided conversations. (Yui speaks only in writing and I can’t quite get that yet.) orz


Basically he decided to drag his meat bag Do M along with him in case he wanted a snack while he’s sleeping with the enemy. Not literally. That would be a completely different game.


Whilst trying to find out why the Mukami’s have such an interest in the Sakimaki family, he also finds out:

A) Yuma is Shuu’s childhood friend who is supposed to be dead and B) He’s becoming Adam (AKA chosen vampire for a whole new race of vampires so all bisHIES WILL RULE THE WOOOORRRLLLD! or something like that.)

Now this is where all logic goes out the window for me. Suddenly Rage-y drags Yui, Shuu and Yuma/Edgar to the dungeon to murder Yuma in front of Shuu.

Why? Because Oni-tan won’t pay attention to me and I’m so butthurt you can’t simply be murdered you have to suffer MOAR and watch your only friend die. Again. (I’m sorry did I not mention? Reiji tried to kill him when they were Shotas too.)

Shuu ain’t having it so him and Rage-y have like, this mexican stand off that ended in Rage-y getting stabbed. Then Tame-y pulls a sleeping beauty and wakes up refreshed and not crazy because therapy and anti-psychotics are really easy to get in a coma? I guess?

I get it, okay. I played most of HDB, I know they dislike each other but it’s almost like Tame-y had a brother complex in this one and Shuu-box san didn’t deserve it damn it.

After all this and not wanting to get killed by Mukami’s again I picked Ayato next because it was actually a decent route in HDB. ayato

This is the WHOLE route in a nutshell: “I suck you dry bitch! You mah foods!”

“Ayato no!” *swoons* “I want to be treated like peoples!”

And she was. Soylent people. Apparently though, her whining really hit him in the feels because in my ending he married her.


So now she will be his soylent girl  cattle true love forevah!

Since I’m on a roll of what-the-fuckery I thought I would go with Kanato’s route next since being STABBED WITH A FORK again should run parallel to all this weirdness.kanato

The first scene was with Cordelia so I obviously kept hitting forward because I am just sick of her. She’s consistent, I’ll give her that. Albeit mad as a hatter.

I rage quit after maniac. Between getting shit thrown at her, crocodile tears and tinnitus from all his screaming; going any further seemed too mendokusai for what I’m sure would be her stabbed to death or made into a doll again.

You know like, that one person you dated for a few weeks that turned out to be a complete freaky deeky crazy pants? Yeah, that’s Kanato’s route. I may finish it one day but honestly drilling screws into my toes sounds more appealing.

Azusa was next and he did not disappoint. He is a huge do-M to the point where if he loves someone he is all: “Hey, um, can you beat me a little?”


He’s like the happy version of an emo kid but instead of cutting for attention he cuts to make new friends! He even names them! (Seriously, where are the therapists in this world?)

I got a very sweet ending that basically makes it so you run off and have kids and somehow he’s no longer broken because of the power of TWU WUV.

Shuu-box san was next and I thought the whole route was really great.


He’s like the cute guy at school that picks on you just to watch you blush. He does Tsun out but at least he doesn’t do things like punch wall-chan to smithereens like Tsunbaru.

I remember at one point in the game Yui thinks of running away and I thought: “Well don’t run to Yuma! He’s gonna pound you into a vegetable!” Then I told my Fiance this game jaded me and he said: “Oh it’s not the game kitten.”

All the Sakamaki’s have the whole Adam-completely-losing-his-marbles thing going on but unlike the other brother’s instead of using Yui as a punching bag Shuu just rolls around agonizing over it. Which frankly was a really nice change.  Considering they ran away to do the frick frack in the forest it turned out rather well.

My final thoughts on the game is it started to become monotonous and predictable.


You have to be a dead fish doormat to get any good endings so it becomes really frustrating that if you stand up for yourself even a little you are an asshole and MUST BE PUNISHED.

Sakamaki’s be like: Blood sucking-raging insanity-happy ending/Yui DIAF depending  on what you choose.

and Mukami’s were like: Blood sucking-abuse-DIAF.

With the exception of Shuu and Azusa, I guess. Plus the way they portrayed Tame-y really pissed me off. In Shuu’s route or Yuma’s or his own he was a fucking yandere with that ‘notice me sempai!’ crap with his brother and it just makes me dread doing his route in Vandead Carnival. whenever I can get that game anyways.

I’m currently playing Amnesia and The Men of Yoshiwara so likely I’ll be whipping something up soon on both those games.

Toreishi Noblesse




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