Amnesia: Memories


Thank you Steam for the English version! I had the Japanese version until part way through my first route and honestly the minute you walk into the game Orion goes on about him being a celestial being, and shit about the universe and how he bashed into you and…Zzzz…it made me really sleepy to translate.

The just of the game is you have amnesia (buh.) because of this shota with horns lodged in your brain which pushed out your memories. You have to pick four (eventually five.) parallel worlds where you -think- you came from.

Basically you chuck a dart and see what you hit.

I started with the boyfriend of the heart world, Shin. shin

He’s quite affectionate with her albeit a little sharp tongued. Problem is, with her not talking (what is she f*cking Helen Keller?) you have to guess what she is thinking based on Orion’s reaction to things.

With her not reacting in any capacity to Shin you really have no idea what the hell she thinks of him; but you get a pretty decent idea when he pins her against a tree on a school trip and she decided to run and take a swan dive off a cliff.

The whole route is basically a whodunnit (she ran off a cliff! The hell do you think did it???)

Anyhoo, she somehow survives the fall and her Oni-tan, Toma, finds her but she mistakes him for Shin and he got so butthurt about it he decides to bash her f*cking skull in. (Toma and all the other bishies are in love with you but instead of acting like a guy in love, Toma rages about for

In my first end, you don’t get your memories back and Toma is off the hook because obsession induced rage is perfectly normal in Japan??? In the good end, she remembers everything and Toma is all: “I guess I won’t see you much anymore.” And I’m like GODDAMNIT TOMA WHAT DO YOU THINK???

The next route I did was Toma’s (diamond world boyfriend). Most of the route was me yelling: GODDAMNIT TOMA! yanderetoma

As you can tell by the picture, he was a complete yandere. He is the only guy in all the routes that is actually -not- her boyfriend. He decides one day to lie to her, and then wonders later how he got into this mess of drugs and Do S hobbies. (Oh you think I’m kidding don’t you?)

Toma is protecting his kink toy childhood obsession little sister from Ikki’s bitch brigade because his fan club all think you’re dating Ikki, and they can’t possibly allow him to have free will to date someone! (He really wasn’t dating her though.)

She spends the first week or so getting her mailbox filled with garbage and random, rotting things. Then these random “accidents” happen. (In that I mean the same way a mob boss tells you to “take care of so and so.” Ya’ll know so and so isn’t going be getting milk and cookies and shit…Also, NANJA KORYA JAPAN?!? When is attempted murder fine?)

So Toma gets all big brother-y and drags her to his place to “take care of her” (See above on that explanation.)

Everything was going fine unTIL HE STARTS DRUGGING HER YOU GUYS. He has a life and classes and stuff so it’s too annoying to watch her so SLIPPING A ROOFIE IN MY TEA IS FINE YOU TWAT KNUCKLE??? (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

If that wasn’t enough, when she finally decides to stop being an emotionless log and stand up for herself he locks her in a cage. The worst, worst part about this for me is they both had mutual feelings which means if she would have just fucking said something in the first place I wouldn’t have had to play zoo for two fucking weeks!

In my first end, she escapes the cage, gets hit by a car or something then instead of going home, or going to the police or even the fucking cafe she-

goes back to Toma’s and into the cage.

Obviously he notices her wounds, loses his mind even MOAR and pins her down while threatening to break her like a twig and keep her forever.

The good end is generally the same but amidst the scuffle her diary flies off the shelf, opens and he begins reading all the raburabu things about him in there, then is all: “Oh shit, haha I feel stupid.” Really Toma? That’s all you got? She is living in stockholme syndrome the game and likely fractured bones and all she gets is: wariina?



After dealing with the Ikki fan cunts club, I wasn’t in the mood for his route so decided on Kent. (Boyfriend in the clover world.)


EEEEEEEEE!!! That, is the sound of a hamster being squeezed too hard by a three year old. Also the sound I made the entire route! Kent is so darned cute! Uber logical so the rare time he expresses himself honestly, he goes red as a tomatoe!☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

That was likely why I was a little annoyed at my first ending. Just…anticlimactic. He leaves for a study abroad program and she was all I will wait for you! KYA! A few weeks later he sends her a text saying: I want to see you. That’s it.

Good for you Kent.

In the good ending he brings her to London for the study abroad program and they wait,wait, best to show you: kent2

EEEEEEEEE!!! Soo cute!!! He also does all this other cute stuff for her like the time he brought her into the pool and hid her huge boobs from other guys so she wouldn’t be ogled. Or the time he stayed with her the entire stay she had in the hospital to make sure she was okay. (She got hit by a car, again. Basically you’re daring the world to kill you in this game.)

Ikki is the boyfriend of the spade world, who I did next.


Admittedly, the whole route is a little blurry because he reminds me way, WAAAY too much of someone I used to know. From what I do recall it was you competing with the bitch brigade for attention. Well, by ‘compete’ I mean more like: ‘Don’t tell anyone we are dating! I have to keep my fans happy.’ That alone made him pretty kimoi to me.

Oddly, I got the good ending where he tells them all to sod off and he won’t take them bullying his girl anymore. Then they move in together for the flimsiest reason ever: She would have to travel two hours to visit! ooh muffin…two hours? That’s definitely a good reason to lose your purity to a ex-manwhore guy, and shack up after a month of dating.

I did Ukyo’s route last (Of course, you have to finish all other worlds to get the Joker world.) ukyo

There I was, going to school and BAM! Dead. wth otomate…Murdered in the first five minutes.

So, wanting to ganbarimasu I choose different options, and fucking died on the eighth day. By the looks of it Ukyo pushed a pile of steel beams on her for self preservation reasons. (Not because he’s shit eating insane nooo that can’t possibly be it…Why.the.fuck would I want to keep playing when he keeps getting her murdered???)

In Ukyo’s route at least Toma had the good sense to murder the entire bitch brigade after they attacked her. My god man, you’ve done something right for once.

After being pretty tired of dying I looked up a walkthrough since you can die SEVEN DIFFERENT WAYS IN THIS ROUTE. Which I know would make me flip every table in the house since he’s already killed her in other routes.

Aside from all this the route is actually decent though he does say some strange things. Like when she got invited to a festival he went on for two paragraphs about how many ways she can die.

She does make it to the end in this route but not before the FUCKING BITCH BRIGADE TRIES TO BBQ HER IN A SHRINE. So of course she calls the fire department and they are all: lol yeah, you’re gonna have to wait we’re really busy right now. Yappari Japan. orz

My fave part was wasting half the day running around like a chicken on speed trying to get away from Ukyo only to have the dumbass stop once she sees him and is all: whelp, lemme die because I WUV U SO MUUUCH. Then he goes and stabs himself. The whole last day was like: Computer rage

After agonizing over his broken heart (and also the stab wound) for awhile he decided to live since he wasn’t stabbed -that- badly I guess. Orion and co. return them to her original world and they meet Orion and another god that helped them reunite as humans; since they were punished for helping them reunite.

You’re god. Who punishes a god??? Satan?

My final thoughts on the game is even though I did enjoy playing it I really could have went without Ukyo murdering her so many times. In every route he either kills you, tries to kill you, or threatens to kill you. Oh and Toma drugging her, he was such a huge yandere through the whole thing I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that he was rated #1 character by the fans. (WAT?) Kent was the saving grace of the whole game imo. I may play Amnesia-Later but I haven’t decided yet since being murdered by bishies is not a hobby I would like.

I’m currently still playing the men of yoshiwara but it’s a little painful to get through tbh so I will try to post something on that or something else from the many games we got from the Steam sale.

Toreishi Noblesse





5 thoughts on “Amnesia: Memories

  1. Loved your review!O(≧∇≦)O I felt a lot of the same things when going through the routes, the saving graces of the game are definitely Orion and Kent, and there’s way too much Ikki and his fuck girls on the whole game (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  2. Ahh! Amnesia! I was fortunate enough to receive a copy for beta testing, I managed to get through 3 guys before getting overloaded and having to stop. Haha I also bought the collector’s edition because I was really excited for this game. I should really go back and finish off Shin’s route. I loved your reactions to this game. Haha

    I had to skim through Shin and Ukyo because spoilers. But yeah my best friend loves Ukyo’s route.
    Have you thought of trying Code:Realize?


      1. Yes! I loved Kent’s route. He was the first one I went for. and Toma was very cute. I’m soo glad I didn’t get his bad endings. I read about them though afterwards for testing purposes, and DAMN they are scary. Ikii’s route was nice too. Hehe. cute, cept for the fangirls. Oh man. The night forest walk scene was especially creepy.
        Never knew a otome game could freak me out so bad.

        Liked by 1 person

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