DL, More blood side note:

I hated the way Yuma-kun’s route ended because he had some of the sweetest moments so I went back to try and get the good ending and prepare your ovaries ladies because it’s hothothot 

Unfortunately you’re still his mesubuta, but very fortunately he gets all dere and demands you marry him and that isn’t the best part! The best part is when a friend told me about the heaven scenarios which I completely forgot about and in one of them you’re waking up in the morning with Yuma and *cue underwear sprite!*



*cough* I mean, after cleaning up all the blood, Yuma gets all adorable and sexy and damnit how the hell did I miss out on these awesome scenarios?  Basically the scenario ends with you getting tortuously riled up punished for lying to him.


It was a good end and now I forgive him for being such a douche canoe in the rest of the route. Also I forgot about it, because jesuschristdathawtvoicehowcanIeventhink? it’s been a few days since I went through the game.


Toreishi Noblesse


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