Roommates/Seduce Me


This week I tried to play Roommates, another of the many games we got from the steam sale. I don’t like to do walkthroughs on the first go so I went in kind of, wandering about the game trying to get some. (Huehuehue) 

Do NOT do that.

I wasted four hours (which is basically her university career) getting absolutely nowhere and graduating while working a dead end job whilst waiting to die and get eaten by her forty cats.  ∪ヽ(●-`Д´-)ノ彡☆

After slamming my laptop into the wall I decided it’s time for a walkthrough. I went back again and tried to nail Dominique, a physics major. (I like geeks. Don’t judge me.)
Just when I was getting somewhere (but really, who f*cking knows with this game, they have so much useless crap like weekly recaps…I was there! I know what happened! she could have just been going down a slight parallel of her future but instead it would be the body of Dominique being eaten by forty cats.) I accidentally hit the wrong route button so had to restart the ENTIRE ROUTE because I forgot to save.

*rage quit*

After gluing my laptop screen back together and calming down a bit I switched to Seduce Me.


I didn’t read any reviews so had no idea what to expect. The first thing I walked into aside from my ability to name my character, (I picked Shizuka. I mean, she isn’t voiced, I thought naming her that was hilarious.) was the sound of people getting shot at. The second thing, an Econ course and I’m like: WUT? This IS an Otome right?

Anyhoo, She leaves her Econ course because why the fuck would you stay in it with bishies running around? because she found out her grandfather died and bequeathed his mansion/estate to her.

Her parents decide she will start living in her grandfather’s mansion so the day she moves in is when she meets all these wounded demon boys who need her for sexualhealing.wav.

With that in mind, Sam, one of the brothers just grabs her and is all: WOMAN! LOVINS! and kisses her.

Now, I should mention here this is one of the few games I’ve played where you can actually stand up for yourself and not get treated like a shitbag for it. (Hooray for woman’s rights! Most games treat you like it’s the 1940’s. Watch out for that hitler! He’s a bad egg!)

Where was I? Right, getting groped. So I hit him. Then he yelled at me for hitting him…Then I hit him again. Then one more time because I was drunk on power and things like my right to vote. \(`0´)/


I started with Erik because his voice is like a languid purr and it got me really curious. For someone who acts like a playboy he’s actually kinda mushy and seems to really care for Shizuka. Which is even more evident when some schmuck kidnaps her and he goes all yandere and LITERALLY tore him to shreds and made him into a meat pile(?) Sausage link…he made him real dead.

I kinda wandered through this route so I got a very ‘meh’ ending, where he dotes on her and stuff which is cute but no sexy time. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


I played Sam next because he actually seems more attractive and less derpy than the rest of them. When I first saw preview CG’s on steam before I played the game, half the guys had derp face in them and when I saw that I couldn’t help but laugh and exclaim ERMAHGERD! herpderpyderpderp! And then my fiance told me to ‘not hurt the games feelings’ and ‘stop drinking’ or something.

I do forgive them for it. This was made on Ren’Py and if you have ever played around with it you know you don’t get a lot of options for things. Especially if you’re a kickstarter like Seraphim or broke af. Like Seraphim.

Now back to Sam, who is a Tsun which was awesome because he totally reminded me of Subaru from DL but doesn’t bash the shit out of your house like Subaru; although he’s about as swear-y.

I had to deal with getting kidnapped again щ(ºДºщ)  but this time I’m like: NO. Fuck this Damsel in distress thing. (possibly because I was thinking back to that gleeful memory of being able to stand up for myself.) So I decided to use my magical inheritance (by that I mean actual magic and not the metric fuck ton of money given to her.) to throw down and make the kidnapper run off with his tail between his legs.

Shortly after, another asshole (Diana) tries to take your life/your bishies away from you. Diana is a demon too but she uses her +5 charisma instead of strength to get what she wants. and now I feel like I’m in a D&D game.

Anyhoo, Sam gets rid of her and you go off to your room for the horizontal mambo. Just when your settling into the after glow, Diana comes back and is all: BIIIIITTCH we gots to talk! and tries to convince you to piss off.

Shizuka stands her ground saying she’s never gonna give him or the rest of the brothers up. Then for some reason, I’m not clear why, Diana kisses her for ‘power’ and leaves. #yuri

Thing is, the way the scenario went about, it could have been just for power, or that Shizuka was tossed in a dream world and then Diana would have taken the bishies anyways. Which is one of the threats Diana had the entire route.

My adult side says the latter but my inner child says the former. and now I want Frosted Wheaties…



My final thoughts is I was honestly impressed that they had voice acting. Good voice acting. In English. The OST was also really well done. In fact, the BGM that plays sounded better in this than most other Otome I’ve played.

Did I also mention it’s FREE?!?

Yes, the CG’s can make some of the guys look derpy but what it lacks in perfect CG’s more than makes up for it with the sexy, sexy voices and great OST. (◉◞౪◟◉`)ノ~~✧

Seraphim had such a run of popularity with this game they are coming out with a sequel in May-ish. I heard they will be charging but I doubt it would be more than five dollars and I would gladly pay a small pittance for a relatively enjoyable game. Besides, I paid about five for the men of yoshiwara and none of the guys in this game can top that terrible Takao derp face in yoshiwara.

I haven’t finished the game yet so I will likely be putting the last part of this review up in about a week.

Toreishi Noblesse


3 thoughts on “Roommates/Seduce Me

  1. Nice review! I didn’t know about these games, I’m very out of the loop about PC gaming since my laptop died (╯︵╰,)
    I’m surprised that they look good and voiced while being free (●__●)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Seduce me is worth the play through. If anything to help out another small kickstarter. Honestly though those voices are hot and I think that’s what made the game so popular! and you actually can seduce them or even the girls!


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