Dandelion/Nameless First Impression

Full disclosure: I cannot bring myself to finish Seduce me. The dialogue gets the air of the clone brush after a couple routes so until I can forget most of it somehow, I won’t likely be finishing it anytime soon.


With that in mind, I decided to try the Dandelion-Wishes brought to you and Nameless-The one thing you must recall, demos.

My first impression of Dandelion is OMFG! So freaking cute! The chibi’s of her working or cleaning are adorable! The fluffy little pets she has (well, ‘pets’ is a relative term here.) are so kawaii I went into moe overload.


Although every time I tried to pet one I gave it a concussion. orz

The stats builder looks really cool but I do half expect something like this to get a little tedious after awhile.


As for Nameless, I really love the art style but the weird hair half the guys have put me off a little. They are originally BJD so I guess that would be why they have such outlandish coiffs.

I was also a little confused by the Korean speaking but that’s my own fault. I am far from a fluent Japanese speaker but I do have a tendency to listen/understand Japanese game dialogue while reading the English. Hearing Korean (not understanding a thing) and reading English was a little…different.

OMG at one point in the demo you’re listening to your music teacher go on about how an instrument is like a woman and he gets so explicit the game has a meltdown and puts up a picture of a Shetland while, I’m assuming, the writers cool their jets and try to go back to the original story.

Both games look fantastic and I haven’t decided which one to buy (or maybe a different one altogether. Oh Steam, you don’t make this easy.) as I am still looking through what else they have.

Toreishi Noblesse


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