Dandelion-Wishes brought to you

I was cruising through Steam to look for games to play and noticed Nicole. Which is a mystery otome and then my fiance said what’s the mystery? Where they buried the salami? Because I bet I know where they can find it.

And then I just, lost it, and couldn’t buy the game.

So I settled on Dandelion since I’ve had my eye on it for awhile I was just really hoping to get it on sale so I held off.

After playing spot-the-shota and not seeing any, (I’m not keen on shotas. Older ikemen are my bag.) I figured eh, I’ll support localization at full price. Plus Jisoo!!! *nosebleed*

I started with Jiyeon because he was the cutest freaking cat EVAAAAR! Then he went and turned human on me and wouldn’t give me any answers as to the cat ears, the fact that he’s human now, and where he came from. So I asked everyone else in the house. Everyone else said that they can’t talk about fight club the game because that’s one of the cardinal rules of fight club the game.

jiyeon (1).jpg

He was incredibly sweet at first, always going out with her, giving her little presents. Then those presents became expensive and I started to wonder if he’s a male escort. When she starts to question where he gets the money for all this stuff he just says don’t worry about it. Which has the EXACT opposite effect. When she pushes him about it, our usual genki-go-lucky neko-kun starts threatening her.

So, after a few days of him avoiding you, you receive a phone call from some Oji-san with Jiyeon’s phone asking you to come collect him so he can stop beating Jiyeon to a pulp.

Turns out he messed with the wrong guy and this Oji-san extorts you for money (that you don’t have btw) in order to get Jiyeon back. Fast forward a couple weeks and you beg your overly strict asian father mother for money.

Jiyeon FINALLY comes back and she thinks yay! Then shortly after that probably something like OHGODNOWHATRUDOING?!? Because he pins her against a wall and tries to assault her.


I feel the need to question here how in the ACTUAL FUCK this game was rated for tweens???

Moving on, he finally gets over his abandonment issues and accepts her but then gets all weird about never seeing her again. I couldn’t understand why either like, you live together, you see each other everyday, if you were any closer you would have to rent a freaking room in her body.

Then one day he just…

Disappears. So she searches for a few months and ends up in this half world half universe place, talking to Mana-Sama a visual kei fan this guy who offers to bring him back (in exchange for your memories.) and I think: Oh good I have a decent ending and then he’s just like いやだ and brings her back home and cue credits!

WAT? I was so mad I couldn’t even bring myself to complain about it. However, stick around after the credits and then you get your real end. I learned this by accident.

Awhile later you’re at the beach with no memories and the human version of Jiyeon is there and OMFG!!! Cutest thing ever!!!!

In the bad end, Jiyeon disappears and your friend from school starts getting real insistent on you guys dating (but you have to go back home because fuckwit up here^ made it so after your mum lent you money, she forced you to come back home.) and the last scene was him bringing you to the train station.

What the was that? What just happened? That’s it? No big conclusion? Nothing? Just Whelp gotta go now kthnxbye.

My whole reaction to this was just:

(ヽ `д´)┌┛★)`з゜)

So I’m going to be trying Jisoo’s route next and hoping I get something better, or at least more interesting than:


Toreishi Noblesse



3 thoughts on “Dandelion-Wishes brought to you

  1. I’ve played Jisoo’s route…and its actually okay, but a friendly warning…avoid that bad ending if you can…it gave me flashbacks to another character from another game (attempt at being vague)…

    PS. All the endings are like that though….bittersweet open endings of doom!


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