I started with Jisoo’s bad route out of curiousity and jeebus. He’s a little…stalker-y.


Even when he isn’t in the same room (the game shows you who is in what room so you can choose who you want to interact with.) he somehow pops up.

I go to the couch, there’s Jisoo. I try to take a bath, there’s Jisoo. I wanna study…on top of all this, he goes off on how he’s caught his ‘prey’ so he will never let you go or he says things like ‘I always know where you are.’ or ‘are you trying to run from me?’


WHY? WHHHYYYY do I always like the crazy ones??? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) in Amnesia, Toma was my favourite (was. Roofie-loving prick.) in Diabolik Lovers, Reiji.

Pokeninja90,  you were right. Toma must be his brother or something.

I literally spent the half the route getting stalked or drugged. The first half was him being all cute.

The second half was basically me yelling at Jisoo. Well, my monitor, and Heejung. GODDAMNIT WOMAN why didn’t you run for the hills?! hit him! Anything but take it up the butt! (Do I mean that figuratively…or literally?)

The end scene is you being high af (courtesy of him) while Jisoo destroys your phone and anything connected to the outside world.

On the plus side this made the good ending much less shitty.


Jisoo went from super saiyan crazy pants to super randy and sweet. He was still definitely the jealous type but he came across as being protective (Which I would have thought had I not done the bad end first).

He spent most of the route being super supportive of her art and just downright cavity inducing adorable. Although I had to get my stats up to like 21 art and 18 for all the rest plus tons of upgrades and presents.


Worth it. He was so attentive and caring I couldn’t help but fall hard. Especially when he goes on about his sick family member and on top of that when the visual kei fan wizard tried to take him back to his own world, he attempted to make a deal with him in order to stay with our MC.

The crappier part is he leaves. Well, I think he leaves, then I end up at our desperation-wish-wizard to plead to get him back and he’s all: “Oh, that shits covered, ya’ll just gotta find him. I just wanted to meet you.” and goes on about how absolutely obsessed in love with you he is and how he made this whole fight club game for you! Which explains why he gave you bishies to fall for (to constantly have my heart broken and have them disappear as per the fight club contract), so when you lose them, you have to come to him to get them back. He’s desperate-wishes-only-Gandalf!

You don’t find Jisoo, but he is in your world with said family member and stumbles upon your art gallery.

At this point I’m all: YAAASSSS! Jisoo sees all your work and something clicked with him but you still don’t see them together because:


I got tourettes. No, not really.  Its because NOTHING ELSE HAPPENS YOU GUYS. It just ends. That’s it.

I’m thinking of Jieun next who, allegedly, doesn’t have a bad ending.

Here’s hoping.

Toreishi Noblesse


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