Jihae is by far the best route ever! OMGHOWYOUSOSWEET?!


He is so polite so at first so you’re not sure if he’s being nice to you or actually has an interest. After a few dates he gets super darling, like when she has a nightmare he stays with her until she falls asleep or when they go on dates he gets this super cute tinge of jealously like:


Most of the route was me yelling KYAH! I just died of moe. Like, done. Or the other time when Jisoo was trying to kiss her and he protected her and then did this!


EEEEE! Okay, enough fangirling. So, in an effort to protect you from the wizard Jihae breaks up with you but at that point it’s too late because our MC has already fallen head-over-heels. She meets up with visual-kei-Gandalf again and he says he will grant her wish but will take everything she remembers about Jihae away from her. A little while later Jihae has ran full speed to your house (with a hair cut! *cries*) to meet up with you again. The end, end scene after the credits, is you and him talking and him saying things like he will never let you go again.



Over the last few routes I noticed unless its Dandelion items, the presents are pretty pointless. Interacting with them is much better especially if you have a walk-through. I was using the one posted on Steam but there are others I’ve seen on Tumblr that were also useful.

I’m almost done with the last route, Jiwoo. So will be writing something on him soon.

Toreishi Noblesse


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