I was curious about his bad end considering all the trouble you have to go through to get it, so I started with that.

Don’t waste your time. It’s basically you getting dragged away by your overly strict asian father mother and never seeing anyone again for the.rest.of.your.life.

The good route/end was him being all:


Honestly when I first started the route I found Jiwoo annoying at best. His belittling gets really cute though when you have the option to make fun of him, which I did, A LOT. After that I just couldn’t leave him alone. I felt like someone with a crush that picks on them all the time.

Our Tsun-Nim (Wait, is it weird I just mixed Korean and Japanese? Eh. Too late.) Becomes super sweet and supportive and OMG you guys at one point her mother comes in, and in the most polite way possible Jiwoo basically tells her:


Possibly the only time in the entire game I was happy to see her mother.

In the good end he writes this letter detailing your year together (knowing he will disappear soon and you won’t have memories) and says if you have lost your memories then this means he’s back in your world and he will find you. Then you get a CG of them in separate areas of the city and her going off looking for him; and these bittersweet endings. Faaaaahhhhk. I was on the verge of tears and then I nearly threw my laptop out the window.

I tried to get the wizards route but since I rage quit Jieun and didn’t get both ends I suspect that was why I didn’t get it. Honestly I would go back to try and get the wizard’s route but these bittersweet endings have had me cutting onions almost all month. Also, I suspect, knocked years off my life from all the breath holding when you -think- the MC and bishie will meet each other.

My final thoughts on the game is the stat builder is balls, the gifts (unless dandelion stuff) is balls, and literally I got stats up ridiculous high so soon in the routes that by the last month I’m basically going through the motions at that point, waiting for the end CG’s.

I loved that the MC was voiced I actually thought that was a really nice touch on Cheritz’ part.

The bittersweet endings make you die of moe. Every time, all the time, and while I did like them, it made me less motivated to try for the wizards end.


10/10 Would recommend. Just prepare to cut A LOT of onions ladies.

Toreishi Noblesse



2 thoughts on “Dandelion-Jiwoo

  1. it’s sucks balls (forgive my language) but the wizard ending is the most cute and like frustranting at the same time Spoiler ahead


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