OZMafia First Impressions


Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road! Into c*ck! No not really (well…Not yet.) OZMafia is about a witch living in the land of OZ and not wanting to leave the lion, the tin man,  and the scarecrow after they got what they needed. Since they can also never die Dorothy (Well, Fuuka in this case.) doesn’t want to leave them alone so she decides to watch over them (I feel like this just morphed into Heart no Kuni no Alice.) in the tower with Toto while they all attempt to murder each other with rival gangs (DL More Blood, Mukami childhood anyone?)

Her, I imagine, severe loneliness and boredom force her to (We eventually find out I only know now because I skimmed a few reviews) split her soul, body and heart all over OZ. We find her wandering about town about to be murdered for no particular reason but wrong place wrong time (Hakuoki, is that you?)

The art was done by the same person who did Diabolick Lovers which is one of my favourite artists the delicate colours and beautiful expressions just drew me in. (Which was one of the few plus’ because if you read my review here you would remember most of it is well, there’s a reason the nickname is wifebeaters.)

So far, I’m thoroughly enjoying the game though they do seem to have taken from other games. Buuuuut it’s otome. I suspect there is a finite amount of story lines to write about.

Toreishi Noblesse


2 thoughts on “OZMafia First Impressions

  1. i liked OZMafia but i think it’s a bit frustrating (and you get it from the beggining that fuka is dorothy(soul), which is a little disapointing) and it gets kinda boring after a while cause most of the routes are the same you can finish the game in 3 to 4 days or so cause you’ll skip a lot since the only times where there is diferent dialoge is when you select the guys + pashet, and after you enter the ending route where you won’t need to select them anymore (if i’m remembering it right) and some plot things are very easy to discover (at soh route i was like i bet he’s — and i was right i was like arghhh), one of the ones i quite liked CAUSEI’MAPERVERT was the brothel ending cause it’s like OMFG Yeahhhh!!! (trying not to spoil it >.<)


  2. Yeah I have really been slacking on the game because it seems a little boring right now. mind you I’m on my first route (Lion’s) and I’m not using a walkthrough so no decent CG’s yet.
    I am kinda curious about those NTR routes though haha.


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