Pub encounter/Huniepop


I noticed pub encounter on sale so picked it up since the men of yoshiwara was a decent time waster and I like D3’s art style, and in my professional gaming opinion. I have given it an emphatic: EEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHH.

I knew it was going to be older men but damn they are like Erojiji. It’s just creepy, I think I literally played 20 minutes and gave up. It wasn’t only the characters looks that put me off it was the fact that it was SO BORING. The conversations are crap and the whole time I felt like I was getting fed cheap lines by the most unimpressive men ever.

Maybe because they were going for realism? and I get that D3, but if I wanted to play a game about getting hit on by creepers wouldn’t I just hit the pub for the night without my fiance?

So I went to Huniepop (Get munie). BOOM! Badu reference! I had to this was in my head the entire game play. A boys dating sim from the company Huniepot. (See what they did there?)


I watched my fiance play this while I was banging out (huehuehue) Amnesia KENTO SO CUTE!!! and it looked fairly easy to get somewhere with the girls.

Boy howdy was I wrong. The game play is addictive because it’s basically bejeweled with nekkid ladies as a reward.

To get them nekkid was the problem for me. I didn’t look up a walkthrough or pay attention to stats though, Since it seemed super easy for my snuggleduck to get girls.

Turns out I was targeting both good and bad points which is why I got nowhere. They are really not nice about it when they are disappointed and I was freaking broke from trying to buy affection. Plus I couldn’t help but make bad jokes for all the ridiculous comments from the girls. Like at one point, you give your date a gift and she was all: “Don’t think you can f*ck me just because you gave me this!” And I was like: “Well sweetie, your programming states otherwise. HURDURDUR.” Well not that I had gotten anywhere at this point with those frigid bloody…

Moving on, I found it very amusing that if you act like a doormat in a maiden game you get laid, or do nothing and get laid, or even act like a tsun and get laid. Then I play a boys dating sim and it’s like I NEED TO TAKE OVER THE FREAKING WORLD IN ORDER TO EVEN GET A KISS.


That and you have to remember all these useless things about them. Stuff like favourite colour or food, and I have to say D3 if I don’t even remember those things from my RL lover then how the hell do you expect me to remember them with 2D girls???

My final thoughts on the game is I liked the play through a lot, it was the brow beating and utter (udder? We could go either way here with this game, considering the giant gazongas on some of the girls.) C U Next Tuesday attitude I didn’t like. While chatting or on a date, if things didn’t go just right then watch out because you won’t be living that down until the next date or when you buy something so expensive you’re broke for half the day.

I recommend buying it as it is oddly addictive (I sat down that morning to start and next thing I knew I had to make dinner.) But for the love of Buddha get a walkthrough and DO NOT stumble about like I did.

Toreishi Noblesse




4 thoughts on “Pub encounter/Huniepop

  1. It sounds like you had an hilarious time with HuniePop 😂😂
    While I like that Pub Encounter isn’t about another teenager game, I feel like some are way too old and wrinkled to be shagging laidback in a pub 😵


  2. Ugh. Women. (; ̄Д ̄)It was stupidly addictive to play though I will likely go through it again.

    I found the ‘I want you to be the last person I ever love’ tag they had hilarious because some of the guys were so old. Like, what? Is that literal? Will you die of a heart attack if you get too excited?


  3. I could not stop laughing at this post! I’ve played some male oriented dating Sims before so I know exactly what you mean! They make guys jump over backwards to get the girl…but in female oriented dating Sims, it’s like hey I like you, suddenly married.

    I keep hearing that Pub Encounter is good…but the old men put me off it…they’re almost too old…

    Awsome post, very funny and informative!

    Liked by 1 person

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