Would anyone? Care to explain, why Fuuka-chan suddenly had a costume change after she fainted and was carried TO A HOUSE FULL OF MEN??? Is no one going to touch that? Was I the only one weirded out by that? Nothing? Okay fine.

I decided to start with Caramia’s route because Kyrie sort of freaked me out. I couldn’t get why but then I realized later his voice is like Laito-kun from DL and you just know NTR hell is coming with that (wait, spoke too fucking soon! They all have them).

I did my usual wander about so I am guessing that would be why I barely got any CG’s so it made Caramia really boring. Or maybe he just IS really boring. When I finally started to get somewhere I GOT SHOT. By Caramia…What the shit. and now I’ve written Caramia so much the word has gone wonky on me. After recovering I got a very yawn ending where Cram-it turns back into the cowardly lion (and incidentally that’s also what I nicknamed him after this). You spend the rest of your life taking over his responsibilities for the familia.


What? Where did I sign something stating I play mom to a pussy (literally) and get stuck picking up after a fuckwit? On top of that the entire route he’s lukewarm about everything and it just seems like he wants you around as a doll to look at.

I decided to go back in Cram-it’s route and try for Hamelin who is super sweet and cute and actually tells you he likes you! Ikr?! What a concept! But everyone had to screw up their almost happy ending by sending Hamelin to prison.


Awhile later you are working for familia Oz and you get the privilege of guarding Hamelin for the rest of your life. How romantic.

I rage quit his route after that. I’m going for Kyrie next since I just can’t be bothered with Cram-it-the-cowardly-pussy…cat.

Kyrie can’t possibly be worse right?

Right guys??

Toreishi Noblesse



5 thoughts on “OZMafia-Caramia

  1. 😂😂😂😂
    Your pain amuses me!
    Also, does that mean one of the creeper dudes changed her? Gross.
    It’s gonna get worse, isn’t it? I can tell it is 😂
    Good luck! (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. *Insert The Office slam-the-table “THANK YOU” gif here* I thought I was the only one bothered by the sudden wardrobe change. LIKE WHO THE FUCK CHANGED HER CLOTHES IN THIS HOUSE FULL OF MEN???? THE MEN THEMSELVES?? SEXUAL HARASSMENT ALERT?? HELLOOOO?
    But anyway, your review was really amusing XDD
    Although kinda makes me sad. I want to like Caramia, but perhaps I’ll have a different view when I play it myself.
    Wondering if you plan on tackling all of the endings (there’s 20+ of them), since I heard that the “true end” will unlock only if you finish all the endings?


    1. I am really going to try and get all the endings but have to power through this 18 more times does seem a little much. Basically I’m going to decide once I have done a couple from each guy and if my laptop is still in the house and in one piece than yeah gonna try it. ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

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