OZMafia Caesar


I had to get a walk through for Caesar’s route because getting on his route was very counter-intuitive when I tried it on my own. I had to go to Scarlet, then Soh and that led me to Caesar.


Yeah I never would have figured that out had I kept going without a walkthrough…Caesar never really goes out, and freeloads off Soh and you guys don’t so much date as you stalking him, since he’s a complete hikki.

You finally get some semblance of a date when you bug him to go to matsuri but fuck the Sunday no violence rule because Pashet tries to kill him! C’mon you guys, just try to make make even the smallest effort to abide your own laws. Our hikki of course runs back to the mori (ha!)  and you get banned from visiting him in the forest.

A couple weeks pass and I guess Caesar is desperate to see her because he starts working in town under Soh as the WORST WAITER EVER. After a second run him with him you don’t get murdered (surprised the heck outta me.) and get kissed instead.

At this point if you played the game you likely know what I was thinking which is GODDAMNIT Hamelin why did you get shoe horned into this route and why are you suddenly batshit?!? Hamelin is the pied piper and since Caesar is part wolf he tries to get Caesar to rampage. (I’m totally pulling a page from manga here–>) Many things happened like him trying to kill Caramia and awhile later you guys are in town and Caesar has taken over the slums as a Keikan. Fuuka brings him bento and at one point he gets all dere about it. (So cute!)


In the other ending, Caramia nearly kills him thanks to Hamelin but after a few days he recovers and starts playing a game of cat and mouse (wolf and kitten? Whatever…) for basically the entire relationship because OZ famiglia just cannot acknowledge their relationship.

I’m sure somewhere in the world that is considered romantic but I found it rather annoying like it was left undone. What is up with these half-assed endings? I was actually happy he had only two because these endings don’t leave much to look forward to.

I’m likely going to try for a Caramia/Kyrie ending next, also humble bundle is having a decent sale on games so will throw in an indie review between all these OZMafia reviews.


Toreishi Noblesse




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