This is not a post and the cake is a lie.

Right then, So I’m trying something new here because when I mention to my friends the weird conversations I have with my fiancee I get some pretty funny reactions.

Still gonna do normal reviews because that’s why I started this wordpress.

Yes, This is a normal conversation with him. We both love comics and both have a terrible sense of humour so stuff like this happens a lot:

My god Speedy? Really? …Comes with free blow.
C’mon you don’t think of drugs when you hear that name?
Fair enough. I wonder what other kind of drug names they have: You know like Speedy, Dopey, Cracky…
Yeah Cracky, What’s your super power? ‘I suck yo dick!’ He just makes all the villains go away by making them feel really uncomfortable.

If you guys are entertained by it lemme know and I will try to make this a regular thing.


Toreishi Noblesse


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