This is not a post and the cake is a lie.

I haven’t had time to game as I am currently nursing a parrot back to health. That’s another story altogether but it’s taken up most of my free time so hence why no reviews recently.

But I’ll just leave this right here for you guys instead:


Is not a coke nail.
Also not the reason I’m posting this.
This is the reason why I never paint/manicure/whatever-the-hell-chicks-do to my nails; They break.

It’s not that I don’t take pride in my appearance, because I do.
It’s more so that I feel swimsuit-barbie-stupid putting colour/acrylic on my nails.
I somehow doubt women expect to pick up guys based on their nail colour, in the same way I doubt men expect to pick up girls if they just honk and/or yell sexual expletives at them while driving past…in their douche-mobiles…That was biased, but it still doesn’t get deleted. Mostly because the backspace is way over there and I’m too lazy to reach it.

Cool as it looks (undeniably), I just can’t put in this kind of effort.
It’s ridiculous to spend that kind of money every two weeks for something that will break off anyways.
Doing that is akin to buying a fluffy little kitten just to break its neck, so you can buy another doe-eyed little kitten next week and do it again. It’s mean and puts trauma on everyone involved. (No wait. That’s a weird analogy. simile? You know what? Nevermind.)
and if I posted this. It implies I’m kind of annoyed, and I need you to just shut the hell up, and stop trying to make me into a girl. (Also to that guy on the Anthony Henday, that shouted expletives about me being akin to a certain female body part and pointing? Your supposed to point with your index finger. Dingus. That’s -basic- pointing etiquette.)

 Toreishi Noblesse

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