Tera Review

Addendum: This IS a review however I am only just starting out I only named it a review because I am fairly certain this will still be my opinion a few months down the line.

My old roommate sent me a link here and we made our usual joke about missing crack. (AKA FF14) We named it that because we couldn’t afford a decent internet connection so every time it would kick us, (much akin to the come down of the drug I suspect) the inevitable words out of our mouth was: “C’mon!” or “Don’t hold out on me now man!”

The nostalgia made me jones for a fix and hence Tera! The free MMORPG. It isn’t like most MMORPG-ers I’ve played with things like needing certain gear for crafting or having the ability to auto target, but this actually makes the game more fun because of the challenge.

I literally sat down that day and the game informed me shortly after (I had thought) that I had been playing nine hours. (It did kick me like four times while building my char which was more than annoying but after that no worries).

I’m a casual gamer so I’m not a big fan of dungeon runs as I find the 100%-ers (you know who you are) lose their freaking mind if your damage isn’t on point.


Well okay, maybe they don’t get that crazy but they sure aren’t nice.


Best bit is, you don’t have to do dungeons all the time (or I don’t, I’m only 22 mind you.) You can craft or gather and I have to say, Tera does the same things to my dopamine receptors that FF did. Which is making me obsessively craft until I run out of money or my computer dies from over heating. Crafting, while it does not let you buy/make pretty clothing to help you craft better, also isn’t needed; and therefore can be done more efficiently because you are not amassing craft clothes and stuffing inventory solely for that. The fact that I found this efficiency so soon in the game shows this game is hitting all my addiction receptors.

The flying travel is amaze-balls. I don’t want to be ‘that guy’ but the rings on my Pegasus seems a little cruel. Not that I mind too much because riding a Pegasus into another town is the kitties fucking pajamas.

In closing, crack, err FF, I mean Tera is a good game.

I’m on highwatch so hit me up! I’m toreishi (buh). I am again, a casual gamer so I don’t have all the PC (I usually do PS MMORPG) MMORPG-ery things figured out yet but if you’re new I’m happy to help level you.

I’m gonna cut this short. Totally not because I’m going to play Tera now.

I can quit anytime I swear.

Toreishi Noblesse


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