Pokemon Go! First impressions

If I haven’t mentioned this already, I have an ancient, very crap phone so getting this wasn’t an option. I decided to hijack a friends phone for it and ZOMG you guys, I haven’t walked around that much in a month!


I have been hearing extreme responses to this game. Either everyone complaining the people playing it are reckless kids or the people that do play the game love it. (and we are not all reckless children.)

I am part of the latter and here’s my reasoning: We walked around the entire day and all over town people were playing, sharing tips, laughing. I have never seen any game that gets you out and actually makes you physically WORK for what you are doing. We are a generation that typically does not have a need to go play in the streets and this game does this!

The leveling is fairly fast, you don’t need to collect every single pokemon either. Unless you’re grinding for XP, and the people you meet and chat with are people you would never normally talk to in RL but you do because you all have a common goal.

I am going to save for a new phone or wipe mine and see about getting it on here because I am hooked! You don’t even realize you’re getting exercise! and then I will be off to catch pikachu!!!


Toreishi Noblesse


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