Diabolik Lovers-Laito


Laito kimoi! Honto kimoiii!!!

Ugh. Sorry. Had to get that out. I’m halfway through his route and he’s basically like Ron Jeremy on pimped out viagra (Wait, did I just explain most of his films? ?)

He spends most of his time playing head games and harassing her (I know this is s’posed to be a ravishment fantasy game but his sociopathic nature is just too much).

Most of your route is him having you quote perverted books or having him suck your blood in church while saying your priest father tossed you aside to the Sakamaki’s, and abandoned you. All the while he is saying things like he loves you or that he isn’t going anywhere. Basically he’s inducing stockholme syndrome. It gets worse from there, he has a huge Electra complex so when he isn’t telling you about his mother, you are watching flashbacks about the beast who came to be. (Which btw, those flashbacks are partially because your blood reminds him so much of his mother’s. HOW would he know that? you ask? I’ll leave that to your imagination.)


Yes, it IS what you think.

Maybe my Japanese has gotten better since I first played this months ago but I can pinpoint the exact moment he forces her into sex and I’m not even done with this route!

I will do another post about the end but right now I’m still reeling from not only what he did but the aftermath, sitting there in class like? Itai? Oh of course it would still hurt how silly of me. Then getting all worked up about asking her that in class and getting rapey again (thank god for camouflage type spells…or, christ I hope he used one…)

I am trying for his good end but it’s a pretty downhill battle from the start, I’ve been tracking my stats so I think I will get it but honestly it is pretty hard to tell in this route if I’m on the right track.

I may throw in another review between these just so I can get a break from Rapey-McRapeface.


Toreishi Noblesse



3 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers-Laito

  1. I’ve been watching the anime, dubbed for that extra quick for laughing, and jeesus. I laugh a lot watching it, but it seriously is so gross! When I’m not laughing, I’m SMH at their fuckery. They’re crazier than cats on acid, jfc.
    I’m looking forward to more of your posts about it!

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  2. Yeah I like the game but damn, the triplets are infuriating. I just wanna quickly go through them so I can go play with my TSUN-baru again. Literally the only shota I have ever liked in a game.
    I am really trying to get through Laito’s route but he is as weird and perverted as Kanato it’s very trying. >_<


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