I’ve been nominated for a versatile blogger award.


Thank you pokeninja90! Over at Nice Job Breaking it, Hero! If you haven’t seen this blog it is a definite must read! Updates are regular and always have great news regarding new games.


I very much appreciate being nominated it was a welcome surprise to my notifications.


1) Display Award
2) Thank the person who gave this award (and include a link to their blog)
3) Share seven things about yourself
4) Nominate ten bloggers

7 random facts about me:

1) I moved around a lot as a kid. (So much so, I wouldn’t be given any warning.) As such, I developed the terrible problem of not knowing how to say goodbye when I move.
So I just leave.

2) I spent the better part, of the first five years of my life sick. (Hella sick. Like, ‘The Exorcist’ sick. Complete with projectile vomit…Let’s just say it sucked bollix and leave it at that.) as such, I can’t eat until I’m full, only full-ish and I have a TON of food intolerances. (Good thing I’m also a health nut or this would be hell haha!)

3) I’m told I have a cheshire cat smile. All the time. I have yet to figure out if that is a compliment or insult.

4) When writing a list of anything; I always get stuck on what to put for number 4. (True story.)

5) I’m obsessed with the sky (not only the stars). I have literally, hundreds of pictures of clouds from the various places I have went to. Most of which I will likely not ever get around to posting.

6) I have a slightly, prankster-ish family. Even now, I still kind of dread April Fools day.

7) I like sharpening kitchen knives. I find it oddly relaxing.
Fun Fact! The average time it takes me to sharpen a kitchen knife so well it can cut the antenna off a fly?
45 minutes. If it’s Santoku size and larger? An hour.

Made it to the bottom? Then I give you this:

It -wasn’t- nothing.
It was love, Because that’s all you need…Maybe a pony. Oh, and money to pay off my student loans. And will someone fucking figure out teleportation already? This driving thing is driving me nuts.

For nominations I choose:

katrina sade at Grimm girl

DrAwkto at the Inky awkto

Rhiannon at ThoughtfulPigeon

NEETaku of just…my two cents

chiE at nigareru jikan

Randomly Normalaya at Randomly Normal

Aznbubbii at Aznbubbii Reviews

Yahari Bento (Sorry I can’t find your about! I suck.)

Sam over at Next level reviews

and EWE at Evil Wizard. (The frozen food reviews being one of my personal faves.)

I know, I likely tagged many peeps who were already tagged; but these are the blogs I read more than anything. Aside from Pokeninjas. Sorry I’m late with this and my next review. I will ganbarimasu next week I swear!

Thank you again for the nomination!

Toreishi Noblesse




9 thoughts on “I’ve been nominated for a versatile blogger award.

  1. Congrats on the award, you deserve it girl~!
    Cheshire smile is always a compliment in my book!
    Oh man, sucks you spent sick a lot, but now you’re good and that’s all that matters, so yay to being healthy! \0/
    Aww, giving us love <333 /throws love back

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Whooa! Thanks for the award! Haha looks like two people have awarded me it at the same time. 😀 I shall get on this.

    Awe. I loved reading more about you. You are a very interesting person. Also if I ever need someone to sharpen my knives for me, you’ll be the first one I come to. I also moved around a lot when I was a child. It was hard for me to grow attachments with friends and in fact, I acted like the friends I met were there temporary, and never opened up to get to know them. LOL it’s a habit I’m working on fixing now.

    Cheshire smile, huh? That sounds cute.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. aha! Thanks! I always just figured I’m eccentric because of my arts backward!
    I was the same! Never really got close to anyone growing up because I didn’t see a point if I’m leaving soon anyways.
    The cheshire thing has always made me wonder especially since I’m told I have cat eyes. Like, what? do I also give shitty directions in the form of a riddle??? What am I missing here?


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