Laito-kun Review


I think I’m gonna die…yeeeaaah. My Japanese is off and since I can’t read it yet (well, not all of it.) I keep making mistakes.

I am making do-S choices as well as some Do-M.

As I am writing this I am finishing his route so you get to die  play along with me! Hooray!

Since it has taken me so long to write this, it’s pretty obvious I hate his route (also work has got me so I have no time for anything whatsoever.)

I’m in the dungeon atm. Ayato locked her up in there and Laito found her and said he isn’t gonna share. Then he pauses, thinks a minute and is basically like: fuck it, but warns if he gets jealous at the sight of another man on her he may kill her. Awesome.

Somehow she survives because he’s a fucking cuckhold! and is telling off Cordelia who is trying to take hold of her body because she has Cordelia’s heart.

Then Reiji intterupts her for being too loud and idk from there because as he was talking I was just staring like an idiot. (I have a thing for tall, dark and handsome…)

FF and she is chatting with Laito about Cordelia so obvs I kept hitting forward because I bloody hate her.

Next thing I know I’m being literally swept off my feet (they can fly? that’s a thing?).

The ending I got Cordelia came out and Laito decides to stab her (me.) and gives her a kiss and farewell while watching her die…wtf…

I’m currently on Reiji’s route and he’s a little…um…stern. So I will write how that plays out next review.


Toreishi Noblesse




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