Reiji Review-Diabolik Lovers


I finished Reiji’s route last night and he is just the cutest thing ever, though he does have a tendancy to be pretty violent. In all honesty I’ll take his form of it over Laito’s. (That kid has an oedipus complex and on top of that, uses psychological warfare which basically induces stockholme. Fuck.him.)

He’s pretty cold with her at first but then he starts to warm up whenever he thinks he’s losing her to Cordelia, though he acts pretty tsuntsun about it.

It becomes pretty evident when he does stuff like lose his freaking mind when she runs into Shu. (He actually called her a bitch which is so unlike him, he never swears!) After Cordelia takes over she messes around with Shu just to watch Reiji’s reaction. Girl, you’ve already ruined one sibling relationship can you just not?!?

Cordelia pretty much takes over and spends all her time either ruining his lab, ordering him around and being a shitty person in general.

She tries to go to the castle to meet Karl Heinz. Her original husband she intends to kill, and wanted Reiji to complement her  because she’s a conceited bitch since she needs some ego-stroking before she leaves. He says he wants to tear off that new dress and take her violently which would be sweet if it didn’t imply a) I think he meant kill and b) he seemed obviously sarcastic and pandering.

In the ballroom he’s acting sweet as pie and asks for a kiss so he can slip something in her mouth to kick Cordelia out and get Yui back.

Thankfully I got a decent ending where Yui comes back and kicks out bitchface  Cordelia. The end scene is them on his bed while he sucks her blood in lieu of tea…and that last CG….aghaagsdfdg!


Overall I loved this route but I have a super crush on Reiji so I am pretty biased.

I am debating on who to play next, I was thinking since this route went so well maybe I will have the patience and tolerance to finish all of Kanato’s route. Maybe…Maybe I will also end up with a broken laptop.


Toreshi Noblesse


2 thoughts on “Reiji Review-Diabolik Lovers

  1. That image of Reiji biting his gloves does things to me HNNNG
    Cordelia needs some stroking, but it sure isn’t her ego. She’s lusting for a good brushing with Reiji’s dick ww
    He hit a homerun with Yui?! Ohohoho
    I must resist, since my JP isn’t swell :’D


  2. She’s wants all the dicks. Woman drives me crazy every route. ><
    He did! hahaha doity boi.
    You could try it, the main problem for me was getting used to all the different keigo. Once I settled in it was much less confusing, Reiji is incredibly formal in his speaking, Subaru literally talks like a gangster, so I found it a bit hard. and Kanato talks like a Bocchan. Once I got my head around that it was much easier!
    Admittedly, when they are all talking together I still stumble about a lil but get enough of it to get through to the end. My main problem is I still can't read the choices and stuff, not all of them anyways. I feel so illiterate. T^T


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