Kanato-Diabolik Lovers


If you have read any of my previous otome review posts, you know I have no patience for shotas. (Which is funny because in the game Kanato’s actually not the youngest, but you could of freaking fooled me!) I think they are annoying and I rage quit the shota route every.single.game.

That pic is you being stabbed with a fork btw, have fun with that.

I’m trying to get through this one and NOT rage quit for once. Though I am constantly telling myself don’t throw your laptop out the window. Or exclaiming WHAT THE SHIT!? because, as Ayato puts it, Kanato’s a hysteric.

Word of advice: DO NOT play this route alone, on a dark, rainy day. Most of the route is skin-crawlingly awful but there’s one graveyard scene where he disappears and she’s calling his name, and its just pure, creepy silence.

Then out of nowhere he’s whispering in your ear and JFC Yuki Kaji I nearly jumped out of my skin!

On top of being in hysterics all the time, he uses crocodile tears to get what he wants or just flat out threatens to turn her into a death-doll. (Think taxidermy.)

Yeah, this is the part of the game I came so close to rage quitting and I was only halfway through.


Hats off to Yuki Kaji, He plays a yandere so perfectly I literally shivered a couple times when the drop mic gets right in your ear with him threatening to kill you, or worse. Yes there IS worse things than death with this stabby little…

He has this tendancy to get pretty possessive of her so when she so much as talks to anyone, he throws a shitfit. Which I laughed at a couple times because his keigo is so formal, he will be screaming DAMATTE KUDASAI! which had me like: d’aww you’re so polite about the abuse LOL.

I tried to be appeasing to him. His mother was a whore and gave him a huge complex and as a character, you do feel sorry for him, so I picked do-M answers but after maniac I was just like: f*ck this man, and picked do-S. Which didn’t do crap! She still got locked in a storage room for talking to getting harassed by his brothers. There was just no winning with this guy. I have never had to convince myself so many times not to set my laptop on fire. (╬ಠ益ಠ)

Did I get a good ending you ask? Well, you tell me. He sets a random guy on FIAAA. Locks her in a room and brainwashes her, kills his uncle, kills his brothers, kills errrybody.

Then they move to the castle to be BAMPYRES together and murder their servants but not before working them to almost death…So…That’s a yes? On the good ending? I think.

I don’t think I’ll be trying his other endings (I will if you -really- want me to). I get the feeling they only get worse from there.


Toreishi Noblesse



4 thoughts on “Kanato-Diabolik Lovers

  1. Holy cow, he sounds like quite the character. He not only looks like a shota but he acts like some twisted, depraved version of one, too. I hope the next character route you play is more healing. Well, comparatively, I mean.

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  2. While I am not keen on Kanato as a character, Yuki Kaji’s voice acting is bloody brilliant! You should play just for that. I see why he gets all the good rolls now. I literally jumped more than once so you have been warned haha.


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