Subaru-Diabolik Lovers


First words out of Subaru’s mouth when you choose him: “You’re pretty strange for choosing me, Ya wanna die? Well, That’s fine. I can kill you if you really want.”

OMG TSUN-baru! All bark and no b-


Of course right after that Shu informs him killing her is NG as per ‘that guy’ Which Subaru Tsk’s at.

Subaru actually IS the shota but you could never tell since he talks like a 20-something Yakuza member. Literally every sentence has a swear or anta/omae in it.

He is very sly with how he treats her. Like someone who has experience with girls (then again, they are like 100 or something being BAMPYRES.) and I blushed at his words more than once. He’s a loner because he is an only child (they all have seperate mothers) and had a hard past of taking care of his insane mother when he was younger who, always asked to kill her or ‘that man’.

She never wanted to marry Karl Heinz (his father) and he was a rape baby, so basically he takes care of her while she screams at him to go away or kill her. She loves him but then loses her mind because rape baby.

The more time he spends with you the more he gets attached because he always makes sure to protect her from his brothers/weird men. They act like an old married couple which is funny because the brothers are always like: “oh, at it again are ya?” It was really fun to watch the banter, and the reactions, with them always commenting on how they are too alike.

Neither of them seem to want to be honest about their feelings and it makes for the most awkward situations or ends in him getting frustrated and punching wall-chan to smithereens. OR (better) reprimanding her in sexy, sexy ways.

For example at one point he sneaks up behind her in the bathroom and blows in her ear while holding her from behind saying he would like to ‘change the taste of her blood’ by ‘making her a woman’  that dummy mic. I nearly died.


I got a really good ending where he says aishteru! EEEEEEE!moemoemoe!!! Not just daisuki. Although, he did what looked to me as a swear in to a gang rather than a proposal. For Subaru, that seems fitting.

He is by far my fave route he’s so darned cute! I am currently on Shu’s route so will likely have something out on that in about a week.

Toreishi Noblesse



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