I have been nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award.

Thank you Remyfool over at Lilygarden for the nomination! Sorry this is late. orz

This yuri blog has fantastic game reviews and my personal fave, the anime reviews. If you haven’t already, check out this blog and give it a read! and Pokeninja! over at Nice job breaking it, Hero! Her blog is crack, not that I have done crack, but I assume if you read a blog and can’t stop and waste your entire day not noticing the time pass and you have to make dinner or, oh shit I have to go to bed?!?…Probably crack.



Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write then 11 new questions.
List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.


  1. Coffee or tea? CoffeecoffeecoffeeWHEEEE!!!coffeecoffeecoffee!
  2. Pasta or rice? My mother always told me that if you have rice, you have a meal. So it’s a huge staple in my diet.
  3. Would you rather be an idealist or a pragmatic person (wow, such good questions! Seriously, I’ll try harder but this is painful at 2 AM)? Pragmatic. Likely because I am a pragmatic person though I have thought being an idealist is better.
  4. Would you rather kiss a unrequited crush on the lips or be allowed to slap someone you hate a single time with no retaliation? A kiss.
  5. Say you are suddenly in charge of pressing the button that gives a lethal injection to a criminal. Do you press the button or do you live the rest of your life with the Monster Mash song stuck in your head? Depends on the crime. Also I happen to like the monster mash.
  6. Could you eat 50 McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets in one sitting? Fuck no. That shit tastes terrible I would barely sit through one.
  7. How do you feel about Thanksgiving stuffing (okay, too many food questions. They are now banned)? AWWW YISS. I make a gf cornbread stuffing with sage and sausage every year and make a point of making too much just so I have a ton of leftovers. I even put it in turkey soup as a thickener (I know, I’m weird. Shut up.)
  8. Would you rather be average at everything, or be peerless at one very specific thing but horribly subpar at everything else? I already am average (or below) at everything else. orz so I would like to try being peerless at one thing, for once in my life.
  9. What’s your favorite season of the year? Spring. Melting snow. The blossoming magnolia, the scent of earth coming back, watching crocus bloom. The anticipation of a really hot summer. Everything about it, I love.
  10. What’s the most disappointing anime you’ve ever watched? Full disclosure: If it’s disappointing I don’t tend to remember it. I guess, most mech anime. I have tried to get into (wait for the critiques…)  things like Evangelion and just can’t, I simply don’t like mech. Except Eureka Seven. But how caN YOU NOT LIKE THAT????

and number 11 from The Lily Garden: How do you feel about rainy days? I sleep better on them. It’s about the only time I sleep well, actually. Also I have an excuse not to leave my house that sounds way better than: Don’t wanna.

My Questions…(Pokeninja)

Apple or Android?

Android. IIIrooony. I was given a company phone that’s an Apple but…free phone.

In order to fly with Peter Pan you need to think of one happy thought. What would your happy thought be?

Yeah yeah, I know, I’m going to make everyone collectively throw up a little in their mouths but, thinking of my snuggleduck. He’s just so cute and sweet and kind and, ima stop right there…

How would you survive a horror movie? (You can make up any horror scenario you want… surprise me!)

I’m a capricorn, so I’m told I would actually end up the killer. Hooray?

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

5 and then I get impatient and start gnawing.

What is your favorite fairytale, folktale, or urban legend? Why?

Alice in Wonderland! Hands down! I spent a lot of my childhood in and out of hospitals so I think it gave me an escape. I would fall asleep reading Lewis Caroll (Shut up, I was also reading shakespeare in grade 3. laugh it up, judgy, I like old stuff.) and would dream of this whole other world where it was non-sensical and fun, and would always have this really great cat following me around. (SHH, I say this between you and me, but everytime I am late for something I sing the white rabbits song in my head. every.time. I’m late! I’m late! for a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye I’m late I’m late I’m late!)

If you could be a Pokemon, which one would you be?

Umm, idk, I don’t have data (I do, but I have to pay per use, long story short, there’s a reason the rogers sign looks like an anus. They keep rogering you.) on my phone so I haven’t played enough for a fave but I have to say I have always loved magicarp because the evolution is beautiful (unlike death) and I have a huge fish tank and I am attached to all of them. (but they die.) So it reminds me of them. He especially reminds me of gingko which is this little fancy guppy I bought that looked like a shelled gingko nut; and he was slow and stupid, like what happens when you eat too many gingko nuts. (He would hit the walls of the tank sometimes like, shit man, where’d you come from?)

If you could live anywhere (fictional or real) where would you choose to live?

Okinawa. They don’t have a word for ‘retirement’ they have what is basically, your raison d’etre. and I love that.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without? MEAT. Any meat, organ meat, pork hocks, bambi, thumper, fois gras. Look, I have A LOT of things I’m allergic to: black pepper, wheat, cow’s milk, refined sugars, etc. So the least I can do is enjoy the luxury of meat; which is one of the very few things that don’t hurt me.

Tell me about an anime series that was so bad that you couldn’t finish it.

I didn’t even start it. The anime man on youtube was watching boku no pico and I think I made 5 min before I went: WHAT IN THE -ACTUAL- FUCK? and closed it.

Hajime No Ippo or Ashita No Joe?


Number 11 is…What would you do for an anime superpower?

Kill a man for a klondike bar…wait wrong question…superpower. Nah, I honestly dunno, I think if I were to be gifted with such a thing I would be a noble enough person to use it, and I really don’t think that’s possible.

My Questions:

If you could be any of the seven sins, what would it be?

Who is your fave youtuber to watch?

What’s your go-to sub-reddit?

If you could have any pet in the world (real or not) what would it be?

Fave Martial Art style? (Just finished re-watching Avatar and got back into Ba-Gua, don’t judge me.)

What is your ideal vacation?

What is one weird fact about you?

Fave music genre? (I know this will be hard for most people since everyone I know has wide and varied tastes. Sorry/Not sorry.)

Sour or sweet?

What is the most memorable moment of your childhood?

All time fave anime?


For nominations I choose:

Pokeninja90 at Nice Job Breaking It, Hero ( I know that is prolly uncouth to nominate you when you nominated me, but I wanna know your answers to my Q’s lady! I figure you will answer this way. ;D)

Chris over at Evil Wizard Esquire. #Frozenfoodfridaysistheshiznizzle!

Cat at Another Gaming Day. Darling, sweet, and uplifting posts. Be it games or language tutorials they always seems to say: Ganbatte!

DrAwkto at The Inky Awkto (Really would be a kickass name for a pub.)

Rhiannon at ThoughtfulPigeon (Beauty posts are my fave. Yeah, a tomboy like me up and went all girly. 😛 sacriledge.)

Stuart McEwan at Forged From Reverie. (Skyrim thoughts are making me miss skyrim…Also you ever notice how the pluralized version of skyrim would be skyrimming? Worst.Porno.Ever.)

LilSamuelJones at Next Level Reviews (Insightful posts on just about any game!)

KatrinaSade at Grimmgirl.com (Ima sucker for the beauty posts)

Mr. Panda at Mr. Panda Video Game Reviews (EVERYTHING!)

Otome Oh My! (walkthroughswalkthroughswalkthroughsAWYISS)

Brad at Cheap Boss Attack (The SAO posts caught my attention and though I’m new to this blog, I like everything on there.)


TL:DR I like stuff. Stuff and things, mostly.

Toreishi Noblesse







10 thoughts on “I have been nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award.

  1. AHH! Thanks for the nomination!

    I had such a fun time reading the questions you were asked and the answers you gave. They were fun and dynamic. Your voice and personality carries in your writing. Also the Hajime no Ippo or Ashita no Joe questions were character names from some anime. (i googled it because I thought it was some attempt at asking something in Japanese and I wanted to use it as practice)

    I’m excited to answer the questions you asked me, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of my replies. (I’ll eventually work on it. Been swamped with school. Same old same old.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations and thank you very much for the nomination. And yes, anyone attempting to use the term Skyrimimming (too many m’s) in that manner would likely do so just the once before succumbing to the shame, haha!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations on the Sunshine Blogger Award! You definitely have earned it! Aww thank you so much! I appreciate your award and humbly accept it. I’ll be sure to write up more about it in a future post! Congrats and thank you again!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats on the award!
    Aww, thanks so much for nominating me aaah, you’re the sweetest!! <33333
    Crack sounds about right! XD
    I looove spring too!
    If you don't like mecha it's cause you haven't seen Escaflowne yet! XDD
    You could read Shakespeare in grade 3???? I can't read his stuff even now, my brain can't process it well and I'm just so confused about what's happening ;_;

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks Cat!
    Idk why I always loved it. My first story was of course, Romeo and Juliet. I tried to get into other writers like salinger when I got older but meh. too dry. I like bukowski though he’s classic I read the most beautiful woman in town and other short stories in grade 8 I think….I’m such a nerd.


  6. LOLOLOLOL Those answers were the best! You always manage to make me laugh and you definitely deserved the nomination!! I’m still laughing at those answers!!

    LMAO, crack, I love it… maybe I should change the tagline, “It’s like crack!” 😛

    I’ll definitely answer your questions!! *evil laugh*

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Congrats and thanks f the nomination. This somehow got lost but I thought I’d already replied. Some great answers there 😀 Will have to do this, I love those questions but might need to think about them! Christmas is taking up too much brain power this year, lol!

    Liked by 1 person

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