Cupid Review


This week I played Cupid. A free to play VN on Steam made by Fervent.

I don’t think there is any happy endings.

I went through all of them, I think. (Didn’t use a walkthrough, again.) It starts out very dark with you stabbing your eye out because mother prompted you to. (You play as the mother…Bates motel anyone? Hitchcock game! HURDURDURDUR. They need to rename this.)

Basically you are taken in by a mysterious man and live with him while people die off or go insane. Which is also an indication of your own sanity levels. Still, she spends years taking care of the manor while getting screamed at by her long dead mother (thank Buddha this isn’t voiced because ugh, my earballs.) No matter what you choose you inevitably think it’s a good idea to kill the lead male because he’s a demon/god/thing.

I liked the playthrough it’s just incredibly dark. You end up stabbing his heart, getting killed, or going more insane while he ‘takes care of you’ which was actually the closest I got to a good ending.

The choices aren’t really choices as you are in this perpetual loop of meek-seek-destroy/victim. If they had choices that would actually change the outcome to something not so dark, I think it would have been even better.


My final thoughts are I do recommend this game, simply because the story itself got me hooked enough to try and get every ending and achievement, so they did something right.

The sound effects are creepy af which somehow motivates you more, and the story has a type of darkness to it, that, you want to find out everything you can. I played with Mature filter off because it wasn’t ridulously graphic, more like graphic enough to get your mind wondering: is that really a…? kinda thing.

Go play and mindfuck yourself.

Toreishi Noblesse



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