My Butler Review


This week I played Makoto’s route in My Butler by D3/Dogenza labs (the same lads that made Pub encounter and The men of yoshiwara).

In order to get a decent ending for Makoto you have to be super docile since he’s borderline yandere. Docile is the wrong word…More like saccharine, with that: ‘Oh Makoto just clings to me because he loves me soo much!’ and that stupid: ‘Oh Makoto!’ ‘Oh insert-random-MC-name-here’ over and over again like:


It just seemed so forced and by 3/4 in his route, Ducky was complaining about my very audible, very annoyed sighs as I hit save and had to fucking go back to pick the diabetes-inducing answer.

Then I finally get a happy ending and GAG UNTO ME WITH A SPOON. It was so over the top.

The whole route, to me, had no natural flow at all. Maybe if I tried for a normal end so she wouldn’t have to be a dead fish doormat with her answers. I haven’t finished date scenario or sequel but so far: 10/10 do not recommend.

I did Yonekura’s route wanting to get away from Mr. Saccharine Stalker.

Yep. Def not sweet. I felt like a mouse I just kept getting caught up in whatever whims he had for me, it was really frustrating. I didn’t hate it I just felt like I had no real control over anything. Within the first few scenes he had insisted on coming into the bath with her like, who even does that?!? I’m not rich but this can’t be a butler thing!WTF?!

While the writing has gotten better there is still grammar mistakes and misspellings which, while fewer and farer in-between; almost made it more noticeable. Like: “He tuned her over to face him.” He TUNED her? What is she a damned piano now?!

I still liked his route though. Partly because he mentioned more than once she’s like a cat or called her kitten and well, pulled my heart strings because that is what Ducky calls me.

I enjoyed his route a lot more than Makoto’s so I do recommend it, plus I got a happy ending. *Squee*


I guess what I have found with D3 is they have this tendancy to always treat the MC like this little lost kitten who can never do anything on her own, which feels a little demeaning. Hell, even with Diabolik Wifebeaters I still had a choice to be a bitch or not.

There’s one more route left but I’m honestly on the fence here. I don’t really feel like being pushed into choices that aren’t really my own.


Toreishi Noblesse


4 thoughts on “My Butler Review

  1. D3 is not winning me over with how they treat the main character in their games.

    M-maybe the third time’s the charm? Then again, since Yonekura’s route has your recommendation and therefore is pretty good, maybe it’s best to quit while you’re ahead.

    It’s up to you! Both are definitely valid decisions.

    Thanks for sharing!

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