Nameless-The one thing you must recall


ZOMG Lance. I have a thing for tsun’s now.

When he isn’t being belittling or sassing you he’s playing target practice on Yuri’s head. He is def one of my faves he’s just so blunt and sweet!

I got a good end (That CG. *drools*) so I figured, what the hell? Let’s try the shota route.

WHY? WHHHHYYYY??? Are all shotas insane?


This is like, a legitimate question you guys, I only just started doing shota routes the past few games and so far; they all have a running theme of crazy. How is it she kills Yeonho one end and then gets killed the next? I had so many bad endings and kept muttering waht? Then Ducky asked what was wrong and I was like oh, I just got murdered-or raped? either? Hard to tell, but clearly, something bad happened.

I went to Yuri next though I did kind of dread it. He seemed like a bit of a player and kept trying to basically shove off the other guys like:


I did get a good ending though and he did stop acting like a douche-nozzle, so I did start to think he was worth the trouble.

Tei was next and yet another yandere. So yandere he freaking highjacks other routes. orz

Goddamned travesty that. He was actually my fave until I got bludgeoned to death, or thrown off a building, or raped, or-


The fact that they make most ends to be left up to your imagination makes it even creepier. I did get a good ending (eventually, after I pulled my laptop off the roof and calmed down a little from being murdered so many damned times). By that point he’s not crazy and they live happily and sanely, ever after because I guess her kisses are filled with lithium and antipsychotics?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

They do that classic Cheritz thing where they make you wait until after the end song for your true ending. (You can’t FF either. Cheritz I am disappoint.) So I would go like, make toast or grab a drink or something while letting the song play out. (Call me an overly stimulated millenial if you like, but ain’t noone got time for a 2 minute song with *insert voice actor here*)

I did Red last because I was told this is best for the story (Thank you Steam walkthrough!) Also, I don’t really like Red.  He always goes off on how he has to protect the heroine and at one point, I’m guessing, everyone loses their fucking marbles because the end I got everyone is in a power rangers type place…Ewwkaaayy.

I did Nameless’ route last of course. Whole route, hands down creepy af. The whole route is you getting tortured one way or another.


My final thoughts are yes I love the game and the play throughs but damn Tei, stop losing your shit when I’m in another guys route.

This will be my last post for about a month as I am going through a few things in RL and need a month off to sort it out. I am so, so, sorry this is late and I’ll be on hiatus the next 30 days. I’ll still do some slice of life posts to check in, so ya’ll know I ain’t dead lol.

Don’t worry though, I WILL BE BACK!

Toreishi Noblesse


2 thoughts on “Nameless-The one thing you must recall

  1. Hot damn, you’re making me thirst to play this game aaaah 👀👀👀
    You always say the right things, ohoho 😋
    Are you going to do Dandelion and other Cheritz games? 👀👀👌


  2. I did Dandelion a bit ago…round here somewhere…April last year I believe. Jisoo is crazy hot and hits the Barney HIMYM ratio of hotness->crazy scale perfectly; so be careful of the bad end with him haha.
    I wasn’t aware Cheritz had other games, which ones are they? are they english? I never picked up Korean before so I would fail miserably if I can’t get translated. T^T


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