Mystic Messenger-Zen route

Remember when I said I would never play mobile games? and you guys were all yeah, you read our mobile reviews and get your fix? and then I went and did that and said this is enough?

Well I take that back. Reading all your reviews was like the apple to Eve. RIP my new data plan.



My Zenny-poo!!! OMG the way he speaks reminds me of my honeypuff so much! ❤ ❤ ❤

(I just made it all watery under your tongue, didn’t I? Well too bad, we are *that* cheesy couple you wouldn’t want to be trapped in a elevator with because you would prolly murder us from all the saccharine, cringeworthy stuff we say.)

I actually really wanted Jumins route but Zen’s is free and I figure get a route done first then do pay and play (and pay, probably.)

Zen is an up and coming actor and at first you come across as a fan (to me anyways). Then when you get to know each other more you get all raburabu, and cringe out the RFA like:


Needless to say, There was a lot of SQUEEEE’S slipping past my lips.

Eventually you find out the person who led you to RFA is trying to kidnap you and take you ‘paradise’ which to me, implied some weird Do-S game. Basically, this guy wants to take revenge on RFA for…I am actually not clear of the reason. (Maybe they tell you if you use a walkthrough? Yes I bet they do voice in my head, but you’re obviously the technically minded sort that would actually think of things like that, and eating 3 meals a day and whatnot.)

The game is incredibly immersive. I haven’t been this addicted to a game since final fantasy 14. I think it’s partly because you have to wait for messages and calls and that you interact in a way that makes it very rl. I would be at work running about my tasks and getting things done much faster because-soon! I get to play mystic again.

I somehow, without a walkthrough, got a good ending where you are manager of a very famous Zen. Oh Zen, You smooth motherfucker. He says the most swoon worthy things! ❤

I highly, highly recommend his route!

I’m going to do (DO. ha! phrasing.) Jumin next but seeing as I have to do this between work hours (and I’m poor af) the route may take a bit.


Toreishi Noblesse


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