Mystic Messenger-Jumin

If Zen’s good end was Jiminy Cricket’s conscious (felt like he was playing super-ego all the time). Then Jumin’s bad end was you curb stomping him because that damned cricket won’t stfu.

The first few days I was like: ‘I’m sowwy my Zenny-poo!!!’ When I would answer things towards Jumin.

I wanted to see the much talked about bad end, so grabbed a walkthrough. The things you say were so terrible I was yelling: ‘ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!’ With almost every answer.

Laughable, really. No woman I know would say things like: ‘Please be jealous!!!’ because noone wants that can of crazy worms opened.

I found a lot of the things I had to choose just downright uncomfortable.




The fruits of my labour (and curiousness of this debauchery) made it worth it.

Omg at one point he realized he wanted you to want him and I cracked out laughing because: cheaptrick.wav

I went for his good end next and, admittedly, the change is surreal. I can see why the rest of the RFA was like:


He is still possesive but your answers now have to imply trust in him so you get all docile and stuff. It just didn’t suit him being all raburabu at the end.

I’m never one to root for bad ends but at least that suited his personality.

By comparison of most otome I’ve played, the bad end is actually a good end.

At least I wasn’t thrown off a building, or a cliff, or in a well, or had a pile of steel beams tossed on me. (GODDAMNIT UKYO)

I recommend the route but maybe don’t start with the bad end. I would be very curious to see if you guys have the same reaction I did.


Toreishi Noblesse



2 thoughts on “Mystic Messenger-Jumin

  1. I haven’t done his bad end cause it’s so much work just to get that mild CG, but I agree that any of the bad ends have the most insane answers 😹😹
    I did his normal and good ending, and it was nice, plus the whole Elizabeth and Rika story parts were crazyyy 💀

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