This is not a post and the cake is a lie.

I like taxidermy (and taxiderpy. Look it up, it’ll make your day laughing so hard at the fails).

I own an alligator head that was ethically taxidermed. I named him Leggs Mcchatterly, and gave him a bowler hat (by ‘gave’ I mean ‘glued to his head’). His backstory is he had a gambling debt and lost more than his thumbs.

I know, I’m weird. Shut up:

“Toreishi, what the shit?”

“I think 90% of our conversations start that way.”

“Tell me you didn’t buy that.”

“Worse, I can’t afford it, which is too bad. I wanted to put one of the dead scorpions from work in his mouth if I got him. Then it would be this awesome father or mother/daughter theme going on…I haven’t decided on the sex yet.”

“Because that is the real problem here.”

“Well, that and a name of course.”
spider skeleton: creepy taxidermy art, spider monkey articulated mount
ALL MY BONES AND SKULLS, and taxidermy items can now be found here:


Toreishi Noblesse


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