Theory of Fear Review


What the f…

Did I just play???

Theory of fear is a Russian game made by psychopaths, rapists   ANASTASI SUKHONOSOVA.

It’s a dark fantasy where you are born a nephilim…or crazy. We don’t know, but time will tell with these effed up endings, won’t it?!

In Soviet Russia, game rape you.

(Ducky just saw me write this and is like: “So, what? In north america you rape the game? Yeah, you know I tried to but the fan slapped the shit out of my junk.”
Mhm…Ladies and Gentlemen; My future husband…)

Anyways, since you’re half angel or batshit you need to pick one of the various demons/vampires/sadists to protect you since angel-crazy makes people want to murder you.

You know how, when you get a bad ending in otome they imply, like, rapey things? They don’t beat around (or perhaps they do???) the bush here. You see ERRYTHING in terms of the bad shit happening to her.

Now, I’m not knocking the game, there are good endings and I did have a couple squee’s slip past my lips but jeez you guys, MUST she be raped in every fucking bad end?!

Ewwkay Rapey McRaperson…

I did Tomayo’s route last because he is her only human friend, and a therapist, so I figured I would have some eyebleach and a halfway sane, decent ending.

Well guess fucking what?! Bad ending. I don’t wanna spoil it so Ima just say Tomayo can diaf.

After this I’m like, okay fuck this and choose to toss everything in the trash. (you get presents that correlate to which rapist twatwaffle bishie you pick.) Guess what? Raped.

I am trying other routes…Well okay, I’m TRYING to try other routes but this game doesn’t make it easy and should have a big, fat, trigger warning at the beginning.

It’s good so far (‘good’ being a relative term here…like, this trainwreck is ‘good’ to watch, oh, but therapy in 3, 2, 1…) because the story line is interesting, and them writing a back story gives you some insight into the MC. That helps with choices and things…It’s just all watery under my tongue from watching the bad ends now.


Sorry/Not sorry…Had to get that out. Jesus, Mary and Joseph Stalin! Stop with the rapey-ness already!

Toreishi Noblesse



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