You know, I could handle the bittersweet endings if the stats builder was a bit easier. It’s just so SLOW AND FOREVER TAKING.


I was aiming for a good end with Jieun (not that he really has bad ones.) and the stats were freaking annoying the crap outta me. At least you can hit skip on same-y scenes.

He is also so far from my type, pair that with him barely talking the first half of the route and it was just a huge yawn to me.

The second half, if you could call it that, was me splitting my time between Jieun and Jihae. I was told you had to in order to get the good ending. Well guess freaking what?! I got a shit ending.

I tried giving more gifts thinking that would help but don’t even bother, the gift thing is balls.


Yeah I rage quit after my not-bad-but-not-great-the-eff-is-this-shit end.

I’m going for Jihae next because OMG so freaking hot! and I am really hoping I won’t have the same hair-pulling experience I had with Jieun.

Toreishi Noblesse



One thought on “Dandelion-Jieun

  1. to get jieun good ending you just need to be goody goody with him like the other guys and then you get a THISISGOODBUTWHYDIDDN’TYOUDOTHATTOBEGINWITH!!!! kinda endign hahahaha…..

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