OZMafia-Brothel End


So, I have been struggling writing this just for the sheer shock I have been coming off of for playing this route. I’ve decided most of this will be in .gif form.

Fuka-tan decides to get to know Manboy nope. Can’t use the alias I hate it so much.  Saucedo. nope…  her Do-M friend while being completely naive about the place he works at being a brothel.

Like, at one point my fiancee was talking about how he just ran into some whore-ish thing from a horror game he was playing and I’m like: What a coincidence! I was just talking to a whore myself! and he’s like well, yeah, but I am in a haunted house right now. To which I answered but they both have commonalities, stuff you can only do in the dark, people moaning, etc.

Whilst getting to know our Do-M she meets Alfani and for no reason he up and kisses her to which I was like:


I mean it wasn’t exactly her fault, and he did just sort of helped himself so I figured I’d give him a mulligan. Then she comes back, tells our Do-M she loves him and decides she wants to spend the night with Alfani.


I just…WAT? She gets busted from Kyrie (whorehouse remember? She had no money.) and Kyrie was like no worries mate I have your back, knock yourself out. So SHE GOES BACK THERE and starts sleeping with Alfani which our Do-M did not take well at all and kept trying to shoo her away.

A few days later she meets the owner, Dorian Gray. She tells him she can’t get enough of the cock so he gives her a roofie and sleeps with her.


Then when she comes back she figures this isn’t enough and sleeps with everyone at once!


She wakes up chained to a bed because Dorian rape-face jerk (I’m bitter.) decides he wants her as a pet and she got so brainwashed she’s just like this is fine. I can’t…WAT? Her Do-M figures if she is gonna stay there then she may as well run the show so everyone conspires to make her the owner which works and now she can have ALL THE DICKS!

In the other ending Dorian breaks her and she is just like this mindless doll doing whatever he says.


It was like watching a train wreck. You don’t want to see it because therapy and and a lot of WTF’s but you have to keep watching because train wreck.

Idk I thought I was a fairly seasoned gamer but this just weirded me out. The fact that you HAVE to choose NTR routes don’t help, in most other otome you can choose not to but this didn’t give me a choice and in all honesty; Our resident Do-M was one of my favourites so you sure feel like a heel when your like: I love you! Gonna go get laid by someone else now!

I would recommend the route though. Just to watch the train wreck unfold.

Not sure who I am going with next as I am also trying to get through Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal to review. It’s a little painful to get through. In EVERY sense of that word.

Toreishi Noblesse


4 thoughts on “OZMafia-Brothel End

  1. Not gonna lie, a lot of “waht?” was muttered throughout the entire time I was reading this post XD
    I guess I better prepare myself for this trainwreck when I finally get around to playing it XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I mean, it’s good, well, ‘good’ is a relative term here.
      I think the train wreck was fun to watch but your eyebrows will be either well into your hairline during the playthrough, or your left eye will be twitching in rage.

      Liked by 1 person

    the game looks so cute and innocent too, JC
    I really wish 3P were done in a better way than this, usually it’s just full of rape and broken MC’s for liking dick ugh =_=
    Man, you sure like suffering with this and with DiaLov ;’D

    Liked by 1 person

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