Kyrie/Axel OZMafia

If you have read my post here then you would remember my hopes about Kyrie.

Wrongwrongwrong. You know if I can’t remember half the route because of how boring it was then how the hell am I to write about this? I get they have the whole: ‘Maybe we shouldn’t seem too invested and neither should the bishies, because Oh look! another bishie! Oh but I’m on this guys route and…I can switch you say?!? Well sign me up for that!’ type thing going on but if I feel they won’t be invested in the MC in any real capacity because of that premise then I will in turn, not be invested in them.

Also the first outing essentially went like: Well you can get your own bishie! With blackjack! And hookers! (You think I’m kidding but HE TOOK HER TO A MALE WHOREHOUSE THEN GAMBLING YOU GUYS.)


I tried Axel’s route and everything was going great. Like at one point Axel is like whelp since we almost died together I guess we can drop the formal keigo and then he says your name without the honorific and turns super red and just:


He later somehow lost his heart and became a complete asshat. The whole past relationship has disappeared because apparently memory loss runs parallel to asshatter-y heart loss.

You get kind of a nice ending where you are still dating but now you’re teaching him to be a real boy now.  Hooray. #Idatedarobot!

I’m currently trying out Ceasar’s route because JFC he is so hawt, he’s my favourite even if he does have the whole murder kill-y vibe to him.

Toreishi Noblesse





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